• Access Control
    Access control has many more benefits than letting someone thru a door. It can be used as an employee time clock. It can be used in conjunction with CCTV to verify the person attempting to use a potentially stolen card. It saves on the cost of re-keying doors due to terminations. It can track personnel movement within a building or across multiple buildings. There are many other benefits to access control that will ensure you have peace of mind.

  • Intrusion System
    Today’s security systems do far more then notification of an entry. They offer integration into every aspect of your business. You can automate temperatures, locks, lights, and cameras to ensure your property is secure and money is not being wasted. Be notified if your smoke detector goes off. Get alerts if an employee (or anyone else) opens specific doors. Get opening and closing reports so you know if everything is running on time. With today’s technology, security systems are now full integration systems and are providing a level of security that will bring you peace of mind.​


For our commercial customers, we can provide a multitude of solutions to assist in the safety and prosperity of your employees, property, customers, and growth of the business. We offer the following:





  • CCTV
    Gone are the days when cameras only recorded video. Today’s systems offer so much more to assist you and your business. With advanced analytics, you can now count the number of people who enter and exit your business. Get analytical data showing where your customers spend most of their time within your location. Have your POS data displayed on your cameras to ensure there is no internal theft. Capture high quality license plates no matter what the condition to help resolve any issues that may arise. With the raising quality and lowing of cost of equipment you can be sure that there is a solution we will work for needs now and in the future so you know that you will always have peace of mind. 

  • We offer many more services so if you don't see what you are looking for give us a call or send us an email.